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We are a group of Motion Graphic Artists based in Bratislava and work Worldwide. We had the opportunity to work with many influential brands, organizations or StartUps. We are eager to improve our craft and always strive for perfection. We made more than 300 explainer videos for more than 20 countries across the globe. We love to tell your stories through funny and modern motion design. Timely working with current design trends, actual colours, modern graphics and of course, every video is made with our decent humour. By nice and emotional characters you will be connected with your customers better than ever before.

Why us?


We send emails. And sometimes even messages. Because without messages... We wouldn't know what do you need from us.

Make your ideas move!

Just give us your ideas and let's do it. We don't have time for this! Your video needs to be done!


We use computers and also animation software. By using the software we can make keyframes and stuff like that.

Have a project in mind?

Lets talk!

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Our address

Kremnica, Slovakia